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The “MeToo” movement has many men afraid to have any contact with women in the workplace. So how can men interact appropriately and professionally with members of the opposite sex so our workplaces can remain productive and complaint-free? Women need the support of men to fully realize their potential and to achieve equality at work. This program helps men understand the roots of the new women’s movement and how to safely and confidently operate in the new environment this has created. 


 Would the following would create a more comfortable work environment?

How to be an ally, not a bystander.

Actively promoting gender inclusion.

Recognizing personal blind spots and prejudices.

Counter-programming your brain.

Why many men don’t speak out.

The dangers of silent males in the workplace.

Supporting women who feel they been harassed.

Developing a fully-inclusive workplace.

The new rules for humor in the workplace.

Why avoiding women in the workplace is pointless and dangerous.

Why sexual harassment training has been relatively ineffective.

The two boundaries men absolutely must not cross to avoid complaints.

Why violence against women is a men’s issue.

How to understand how women feel when harassed or undervalued.

About the Author/Presenter

Dr. Michael Soon Lee, has presented over 1,000 programs on diversity and inclusion around the world for over 25 years. His clients include: Coca-Cola, Chevron, Boeing, State Farm Insurance, General Motors, the National Association of Realtors, and National Association of Music Merchants. He has been hired to coach top executives when they have been accused of sexual harassment, is the author of nine books including “Cross-Cultural Selling for Dummies” and has earned a Doctorate Degree in Business from Golden Gate University as well as a HR Diversity & Inclusion certificate from Cornell University. 

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